Our Mission

Chatabout Speech Pathology is a family owned company offering assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and adults using evidence based practices. Our aim is to provide personalised services in a welcoming environment that target learning in a fun and friendly way and to help children reach their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy

Chatabout Speech Pathology is committed to providing high quality speech pathology services.

As a family centered practice we partner with parents, caregivers, teachers and professionals to ensure that goals are being met in all of the child's environments. Our commitment to ongoing continuing education ensures that all our speech pathologists understand and put into practice up-to-date evidenced based treatments and therapy techniques.

Our Service

We are committed to providing each child with the communication skills necessary to be able to participate fully at school, communicate with their friends, and achieve in all their daily activities.

High Quality

We have a family centered approach to intervention. Each child has an individual education plan which is created collaboratively with parents/caregivers.

Client Care

We provide knowledge and skills that parents/caregivers can implement at home, enabling them to become an active participant in their child's treatment plan. 

Professional Service

Our team of 12 speech pathologists have a shared passion for continuing education and professional development.