How does speech therapy work online?

Essentially, the speech therapy is the same, it is just over the internet instead of in an office. It is still face-to-face through applications similar to FaceTime and Skype. We can also screen share documents, materials, and even use drawing tools on a whiteboard.

What benefits does online speech therapy offer? 

 - During this challenging time, online speech therapy can give families the support they need to continue their child’s speech pathology program

 - Many kids also prefer the use of internet, as they are comfortable with this mode of technology

 - You can also access a speech therapist from anywhere in Australia, there is no barrier of location

What about the effectiveness?

According to Speech Pathology Australia, researchers have found that when delivered appropriately there is little difference between online speech therapy and face to face services. Because speech pathology services are based on the unique needs of each individual client, online speech therapy may not be appropriate in all circumstances or for all children though. Candidacy for receiving services via online speech therapy should be assessed prior to initiating services.