Many parents wonder if their child’s language and listening skills are developing normally. While every child develops their talking and listening skills at different rates, there is a general pattern to development. A speech pathologist is trained to assess all areas of speech and language to determine if there is a delay or disorder present.

 Making mistakes is a normal part of learning. But you may need to seek help from a speech pathologist if:
  • Family members are concerned about your child’s speech or language
  • Your child is frustrated trying to communicate
  • Your child is having difficulty understanding what is said to him/her, or following instructions
  • Your child is not using single words by 18 months of age
  • Your child is not using 2 word sentences at 2½ years of age
  • Your child’s speech is difficult to understand at 3 years of age
  • Your child’s speech is nasal or husky
  • Your child’s speech is hesitant or dysfluent
  • Your child is experiencing difficulty learning to read