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Online Speech Therapy - How does it work?

Online “telehealth” speech therapy is the process of having therapy sessions via the internet over applications like Zoom or Google Teams. Therapists and children interact face-to-face on video screen as opposed to face-to-face in a therapy room. Activities, materials and games are used via share screening. If you are unable to come to our clinic Telehealth might be a good option. Please contact us for more information.

What benefits does online speech therapy offer?

During this challenging time, online speech therapy gives families the support they need to continue their child’s speech pathology program without disruption.

Children are interested and engaged using online resources.

Therapy sessions can be conducted from anywhere in Australia!

Is online speech therapy effective?

According to Speech Pathology Australia, researchers have found that when delivered appropriately there is little difference between online speech therapy and face to face services. However, online speech therapy may not be suitable for all children. Please contact us for more information to determine if this is right for your child.